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The 4 steps of Air Conditioning Installation

The 4 steps of Air Conditioning Installation

Summer in Illinois is something that you can’t take lightly. With temperatures soaring up to 80°F, there’s no way to escape the wrath of summers without relying on air conditioners. Now, there are instances when your existing air conditioner has become too old and AC repair Bethalto, IL,  just doesn’t work anymore. In such cases, you need to get it replaced with a new one.
Therefore, you would need to contact an AC contractor near me for installation. Meanwhile, have a look at the steps of air conditioning installation to understand the whole process better.

4 Steps of Air Conditioning Installation


      1. Old System removal and evaluation
        To get a new system installed, your old system needs to be removed first. A professional AC contractor near me will perform the whole process while taking care of the surroundings. For example, cleaning up any debris caused by removal and the disposal of your old air conditioning unit.
        In addition, the installer will evaluate ductwork and vent to check for any leaks and damage that could affect your new system’s performance. He will fix any discrepancies at this point.

      2. New Air Conditioner Installation
        As the new system installation begins, it also includes other parts such as new piping, electrical work, and ductwork. You can expect the following steps during this process.
        • Checking and connecting all electrical connections
        • Adding refrigerant to the system as per manufacturer’s specifications.
        • Testing of a new unit to see if it works properly.


          Once the new system is installed and checked, you can start running it right then.

      3. Installation and inspection of Thermostat
        Most air conditioner models these days come with their thermostats. Thus if you’d like the new thermostat installed, your installer will install it during the same visit. However, if you wish to keep your existing thermostat, the installer will test and make sure it works properly with the new air conditioner.
        On the other hand, if you choose to install a completely new thermostat system, such as a smart or Nest Learning thermostat, your AC installer can do it in the same visit. But if you don’t have the new thermostat ready, don’t worry; you can schedule a future service with an AC contractor near me.

        Also, a professional installer will always explain to you the instructions to use the new thermostat.

      4. Final Check and Maintenance Suggestions
        Once the technician is done installing the new air conditioning system, he will perform a final check. This is a very crucial step to ensure the optimal functioning of the new system. He will also explain essential troubleshooting tips and maintenance suggestions that you can handle on your own. Also, do not hesitate to ask him questions and additional tips about your new air conditioning system before he leaves.
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