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How Do You Diagnose A Furnace Problem?

How Do You Diagnose A Furnace Problem?

Without a furnace or a heating system in place, you would still have to light up wood fires to keep yourself warm in the freezing winter season. Thus, you want to keep your furnace up and running to prevent you from any discomfort. After a heating installation in Jerseyville, proper maintenance of the HVAC system would ensure you do not face any furnace problems. You can look out for indications that will help you diagnose the furnace issues earlier.

Common Furnace Problems

There are some symptoms of your furnace that might indicate an issue with some parts. Below are a few common problems that you might encounter:

  1. The furnace is making weird noises: Clicking and rumbling sounds aren’t signs of an efficiently working furnace. If your furnace is making such weird sounds, it could be due to a clogged burner and a reduced airflow. You should not ignore such mechanical problems as they can cause significant damage to your furnace. Reach out to a heating service in Bethalto that can diagnose the problem and provide quick solutions.

  2. The furnace flames aren’t blue: Burner failures are pretty common for furnaces. They might take place due to the accumulation of dirt or the burner not working efficiently enough. If the burners are working properly, the flame should be blue. However, if you observe a yellowish flame, it is most likely due to a dirty burner. You can try cleaning the burner yourself. Firstly, switch off the burner. You can then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt. Alternatively, you can schedule a maintenance session with a heating service in Bethalto to clean up the furnace.

  3. The furnace isn’t heating sufficiently: There could be a possibility that your furnace is not keeping the house sufficiently warm. One of the major reasons could be that the heating system isn’t sufficiently large enough to make the whole house warm. An expert at heating installation in Jerseyville can guide you on what furnace would be appropriate for the size of your house.

  4. The furnace isn’t heating at all: The primary task of a furnace is to keep the house warm. If it isn’t doing that at all, it is an indication that there are some serious issues with the heating system. It could be due to a damaged thermostat or blocked air filters.

You can check if the thermostat requires new batteries to perform better. Additionally, the location of the thermostat should be proper. It should not be exposed to sunlight to minimize the probability of an incorrect reading.

Irregular maintenance schedules could also be a reason for furnace problems. You should try to diagnose the furnace problems at an early stage to prevent huge repair costs later on.

If your furnace is malfunctioning, you should not delay calling one of the best companies for heating service in Bethalto. To solve the root cause of your problem, you can call us up at (618) 498-2193 or visit our website. We have a team of expert professionals who will ensure that your furnace is working efficiently to build a comfortable temperature within the house.