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4 Reasons Why Your Furnace is Throwing Your Circuit Breaker and How to Fix It

4 Reasons Why Your Furnace is Throwing Your Circuit Breaker and How to Fix It

Few things can compare to the aggravation or worry that entails the circuit breaker tripping repeatedly, especially when it happens while the furnace is running. You may reset the breaker if the breaker was tripped accidentally, and furnace performance should resume normally without the need for urgent concern. The problem was most likely triggered by a power spike caused by a potential storm activity or a malfunctioning electrical infrastructure.

If the breaker keeps tripping regularly, you’ll need to address the problem as soon as possible. The following are the most typical causes of a furnace tripping a breaker. Call Updike’s Gas for efficient diagnosis and heating installation in Jerseyville, Bethalto, Alton, IL, and the surrounding areas.

    1. Your furnace has been overworked
      When the furnace at home works harder to meet the heating requirements, it puts a huge strain on the circuit since it uses more electrical current than normal conditions.If your furnace only turns on for a few seconds before tripping the breaker, it is most likely the issue. Overload can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

        • Filter that is dirty or blocked
        • Supply or return vents that are blocked or closed
        • Airflow through ductwork is restricted
        • A system component is not working right

    2. Your shared circuit has been overburdened
      Normally furnaces will be on a separate circuit, but if yours isn’t, it may be underrated and has to be used with one or even more additional devices, ports, or lights. Disconnecting or avoiding usage of the secondary item can give a temporary solution, but if feasible, consider switching your furnace’s power supply to a separate circuit.

    3. Your furnace has a short circuit or a ground fault
      When your furnace instantly trips the circuit breaker once it is turned on, the problem is most probably with the furnace itself. When an exposed wire within the furnace comes into contact with a neutral wire or a grounded wire or metal item, it might lead to a short circuit or a ground fault, both of which can result in an excessive draw on the electric current.

    4. At the panel, there’s a problem
      Certain connections may be weak, or the breaker or panel may need to be changed if the electrical panel is old, broken, or was put incorrectly.

    5. Updike’s gas furnace troubleshooting & repair
      To minimize further damage or curb personal danger, a competent, knowledgeable specialist should treat most furnace problems. If your furnace trips the breaker again after reset, turn it off and contact Updike’s Gas for heating repair in Bethalto, Jerseyville, Alton, and the surrounding areas. Our exceptional furnace repair services ensure that you are never left in the cold, and our Super 7 Guarantees ensure that our clients receive the finest possible service and goods. To arrange service in Bethalto, Jerseyville, Alton, and surrounding areas, call Updike’s Gas at (618) 498-2193 or contact us online.


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